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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Word of the Day: Pithy

Pithy: Concise or forcefully expressive.....or if I was a fruit, containing too MUCH pith.

Just what fruit WOULD I be??? I digress.....

That just about sums me up. I'm this whirling, churning ball of energy, full of light and heat and as I get hotter and hotter, I become pithy.....things just come out of me with the force of a chicken bone wedged in my windpipe after a successful Heimlich maneuver has been performed. Out of my way, I'm spitting fire...and maybe a few singed feathers.

I always whirl and churn and brew and stew.....I wish I could say I shoot from the hip when it comes to me stating what needs to be said but I don't. Fear of rejection maybe? Who knows...I don't. I just tend to chew on things until they are all-consuming and then BAM stand back. Did I REALLY just say that? If I had a dollar for every time I DID say that!

Modest as I USUALLY am, I must occasionally boast my few God-given talents, one of them being my wit. It was dormant for a pretty long time. Gone were the quips that came out of me as spontaneously as carbon dioxide. Everything was well thought and well planned. God-forbid I hurt anyone's feelings or tarnish their perception of me. I wasn't even quippy let alone pithy. 

It all started coming back about a year ago....the spontaneity, the quickness, the come-backs that just worked right. I took baby steps and started with quippy. I was fast, I thought on my feet let alone my toes again. Eventually I was pithy again too. The light just didn't fade away while the heat burnt itself out. Instead it spawned some kind of radioactive, scientific, explosion of neurons or something and suddenly, I became ME again, thankfully. Probably not so thankfully for the Comcast customer service rep nor the checker at Whole Foods both who had the good fortune to cross paths with me (or butt heads) today, but hey, it can't be everyone's lucky day!

I missed me. Me was sounding forced, and brow-beaten, worn down, bullied. Now me is

.....pithy......and I like pithy.

What word sums YOU up in a nutshell?

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